November 13, 2005

Martí and Maceo: Good Baby Names

I recently met a beautiful 6-year-old boy named Martí. Not only was he as healthy and loved as the kids in Tina Panziera’s picture, but his parents explained that he was named after Cuba’s José Martí (as if there could be any doubt).

About ten years ago I attended a baby-naming party given by an expecting African-American couple, and I offered Maceo as a possible first name. I showed a few photos of Antonio Maceo and his family, and made a small presentation about their life and wars for Cuban independence.

A year and some months later I attended young Maceo’s first birthday party, and I was deeply moved by his energy and curiosity. He even looked like I might guess Antonio Maceo looked at that age.

I can only hope that the new Martí and the new Maceo can live longer lives than the heroes they were named after, and not have to fight off conquerors and self-appointed “owners” of freedom and democracy. I expect that one of these days they’ll be ready to learn about who they were named after and will be proud of their first names.



Blogger The Resistance said...

I agree that Marti and Maceo are good names for newborns. They personify the best of Cuba.


1:38 AM, April 16, 2006  

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