November 06, 2012

Lesser Evils

What does it say about us that we continue to vote for lesser evils in our presidential elections?
My complaints about President Obama’s actions (or lack of) towards Cuba are real and vivid… and yet I’ve no choice but to vote for him one more time. Sure, there’s less hope and less optimism, but he’s still the clear best choice for our country’s future.
Being loyal to my lost island of the past doesn’t make me less to loyal to the country in which I live, love, work and vote.
Romney, who’ll clearly say anything for votes, is nothing but a slightly smarter G.W. Bush who’ll drag us down further, while his 1-percent cronies dance all the way to the bank.
It’s time for American voters to grow up, and to send the message that we demand substance over the idiocy of additional benefits and power for the very rich.
Wake up America, the monster knocks at your door in a Romney mask.

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