March 12, 2006

Website vs. Blog

Someone recently asked me about the difference was between a blog and a website. Having had at the time less than half my normal dose of hot caffeine, I understood the question to be less generic and more personal, such as: what is the difference between “your” website and your blog (Cuba on My Mind).

Here are the differences:

The website is objective, careful and studied.

The blog is spontaneous and outspoken.

The site is open and equally friendly to all who want to learn about Martí, Maceo, the Ten Year War and the struggle for Cuban independence.

The blog is a personal expression.

The site is a fair and balanced exploration of 5 centuries of Cuban history.

The blog is a plea for peace, love and understanding.

The site is equally critical of Castro and Batista, even though defenders and propagandists for both sides have accused me of “favoring” the other.

The blog won’t shed a tear if I say the wrong thing, or get a fact or two confused.

The site strives for truth and accuracy above all else.

The blog is like a scream at the end of a game that the Lakers won (yes, I’m still a Lakers fan! Go Kobe!).

The site has to make sense, but the blog often does not.

They’re not two sides of the same coin, as some would suggest. They’re totally different coins.

The blog is activist. The site is retrospective.

The blog is Rock ‘n Roll. The site is Ludwig Van Beethoven’s variation on Mozart’s “The Magic Flute,” which means that it rocks in its own way.

The website is an exercise in intellectual discipline and self-restraint, and a shrine to the American values of truth and honesty.

The blog is an expletive screamed at the driver with a bigger car that cut me off rudely and unnecessarily because it was his “cultural right.”

On the blog I can say “shit” if I want to.

The site would never use that word.