June 08, 2006

Our “Good” Terrorists

The topic of terrorism came up during lunch the other day, and some hard-working and patriotic Americans sharing our table were shocked to learn about men like Posada Carrilles, and Orlando Bosch. What surprised them most was not that men like these existed, but that they were so closely connected to the U.S. President, and that the first family would intervene to keep these men free and “working.” (Could this be why Elizabeth Dole says that history is “too negative?”)

A few of my co-lunchers looked at me as if I was a space alien who had just delivered a message of peace (a la The Day The Earth Stood Still). “Why doesn’t the media report this?” I was asked as if I’d made up the whole story. Good question.

How would you explain that the media seems to “understand” that these are “our” terrorists and must be “handled” gently?

Instead, I cleverly changed the conversation to Cuban boxing. Did you know that Cuba is the world’s new boxing superpower?

More later. Stay tuned.