July 27, 2006

Look Ma! I’m Ten Years Old!

To celebrate ten years online, historyofcuba.com is undergoing a major shake-up and re-design that includes not only new content, but improved navigation and a new site index.

Aside from a “new look” that incorporates the logo re-design from 2004, every major aspect of the site’s inner-workings has been shaken up and dusted off. Some things have been thrown away or replaced, and the timetables are no longer the main way to use the site.

New entry pages (E-pages) allow site users to explore a specific segment of Cuban history, such as Early History, Martí, Maceo, Struggle for Independence, Race in Cuba, Presidents, the 1950s, the 1960s, Bay of Pigs and the Missile Crisis. These pages are designed to give you a brief overview of the topic, event or personality, along with links to additional and/or related information available on the site. E-pages are available from the Home Page, or from the various portals (Site Index and Contents), and usually include the word “introduction” in their description.

Another major change is the implementation of a new site-wide navigation system that appears at the bottom of every page, giving users a quick way back to the home page, the table of contents (or site map), the new site index, the timetables and the galleries.

The new Site Index provides an alphabetical list of everything covered on the site, and the Contents Page provides a chronological map of everything available. Both portals can be accessed though the Site-Wide-Navigation system at the bottom of every page.



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